We are,

Fashion city, “Fashion” is a phenomenon hugged whole heartedly by the young and new generation. The ever-changing era and fashion are like the two sides of a coin.


Fashion City” is like its identity, creating trends and follows, for the past 12 years “Fashion City” maintain its reputation and permanently located at north Paravoor. (KMK Junction, CVD Building)


“Fashion City” well knows the pulse of new generation; we have a vast collection of high quality fabrics. We have Casual and formal brands as well as the trends of youngsters. We have arranged all category fabrics easier to choose as per the interests of the customer.


More over our own brand “Fugo” also available from Fashion City. The “Fugo” shirt is very trendy and becoming as a popular brand all over Kerala. 



  • S V D Building , K M K Jn, North paravur
    North Paravoor, Ernakulam
    Kerala, PIN :683513


  • 91 - 9747754444

    91 - 04844027944