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Is to explore how can the business journey of a professional be made smooth. Trying to identify the consumer base of a particular product in a particular market and how to deliver the products and services to these markets effectively. How to add value to your otherwise wasted time, how to optimise your product or service in your respective field, how to judiciously and economically allote your funds to various activities creating jobs etc


is a technical art. We help you to optimize.However its control is wested with you. Hence we will be updating you with the necessary information for the same. Read more

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Ondemands is a private virtual club. A place for the business people to interact with professionals with the laxury of a social club facility for public interaction.

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You may join ondemands for any of the enlisted reasons, to develop your business, for marketing your products and services,sales counter, vendor, corporate handling, for website creation, for business interaction with corporates, for social interaction with professionals etc. The primary requisite to enjoy the above features is to have your own website.

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elaborates on iser rights. However, you will be given more information on the updations in the fiture, how to contact the right people to fix the bugs that may occur in your site, Read more.



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You need to know how you can benefit out of ondemands Researches indicate that the future of business, by 2022 is expected to go virtual leaving the concept of physical shops for a mear identity and is in fact already on its way to the virtual world. Ondands is a futuristic initiative to lead you to that virtual world, for you to be where you are expected to be ahead of times so that your business will not be stifled with factors of heavy cost and time lag.

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