It's imperative to ensure clarity and visibility when speaking about us to our prospects. Conveying, it is deemed, would be perfect with the help of tales and anecdots. We realize that both knowledge and skill together make up for good execution. Unless our action is sufficiently backed with Knowledge our efforts would go abortive. Hence learning becomes more important.
However, the effective mediation of teachers or teams between acquisition of knowledge and development of skills ought to intervene to augment the impact of execution for greater results. We would call this Boss.Along the trajectory of our growth from infancy to old age we come across number of intermediaries some of whom could be misleading too. I ntermediatories though can not be avoided. But a Web site will give you all the details authentically.
In this age of over crowding web sites it is very expensive to maintain a web site optimised. It would reqire the support of an expert as well. It's here you would find our service fruitful. We maintain an authentic on line forum for professionals with necessary functionalities to find out a brand or individuals or associates across the globe on your own. That too at least cost.
Follow us to the topics in ondemands.


OBS is a noval strategy for developing business.
It is 360 degree ambient scanning the business environments to design appropriate initiatives reinforcing quality standards from among the customers and to introduce your products and services.
OBS envisages to develop impeccable professionals.
The OBS design , presuming that there is a seller and a consumer in everyone recognizes the need to identify mutual requirements and reach these to the clients on time complying with the norms of quality, budget and credibility to accelerate the rate of growth of your business maintaining concomitantly the thrill and sportsmanspirit of a true professional.
OBS is expanded as Octoplus Business Strategy.
It's a business strategy designed by the founder of ondemands.
OBS has been sent for patent. We are confident that ondemands would with it's psychological analysis of business perspectives will enable eachone to make a personal impact in your business.

How does OND work

History provides many strategies to make your business successful, strategies carved out of experience of success stories of businessmen. But ondemands stays with you to strategize your business with time appropriate initiatives, to reach the unreachable, smoothening your way to success. Always with you. .
Your entry into ondemands makes you demanded. For you can list your biodata and offers as well through the user's professional web site. Besides, this will also function as a social media
However, since the target group is "professionals", professionalism will be highlighted proportionate to their rating.
As the rating increases the public will get closer to the professionals' site where you find options like doctors ondemand, offers ondemand, architectures ondemand, developers ondemand, models ondemand, jobs ondands, website ondemand, artists on demand, media ondemand etc. and where thousands of different portals will line up by way of groups, business clubs and forums.
Thus this virtual business club can also be called utility portal because you have the freedom to make your choice.

Our creed

Man is a bundle of hidden talents with potentials for great success.


ONDemands endeavours to churn out successful entrepreneurs and professionals building self confidence in precarious minds engaging a mechanism known as Automated Future Development System.


ONDemands stands committed to bring apprehensive beginners and professionals under one umbrella and steer them to success.

OUR highlights

As every individual has a purpose in life so is every business with a purpose appropriate to the nature of individual or business groups' business perceptions either in general or in particular with regional, national or international implications.
ONDemands confluences divergent services, products and businesses on a common and large business canvas to stimulate mutual business transactions through easy and effective communicative networks and thus accelerate the process of expansion and growth of each one's business initiatives.
ONDemands recognizes the intuitive insights of individual professional while strategizing business but appreciates the adherence to substantive strategic anchors to embark upon for lasting business growth and sustenance maintaining individuality of each.
The pivotal role of ONDemands is exercised in our incessant engagement with researching to identify up-to-date, state of the art and futuristic strategies appropriate to every business to checkmate the strategies either blunt or obsolete for your business to surge ahead
We avoid confronting ideas but labors as instrumental to reach your customers with attractive price advantages.
OBS is our business strategy designed, developed and delivered to you in your segment with accessibility to the global population, with the products and services each one requires, irrespective of small or large or even absolute monopolies. OBS is a strategic mechanism that will help you reach the local and international customers with the ease of management unparalleled.
Our aim
Identify creative skills and reach them to the needy.
Help quality products to evolve into a Brand.
Serve the public with accessibility to unadulterated food
Eradicate unemployment completely
Make every minute of every individual invaluable
Resurrect from the concept of a all business to a manufacturer of a product
To transform advertisement expenses to discounts to consumers.
Help everyone go digital and up-to-date.
Create a novel world in business / Service horizon.
Help establish the rightful position of each one in business

Best of OND

Ondemands provides the Best always for its an engine designed and developed incorporating the best practices and aspects required to successfully run a business. From digital marketing to product branding, ondemands supports you as a mechanism that can be used effortlessly and without fail.
Offers club,public feed, Preface website, CMS, point club, social interactions, media blast, easy search, regions agency, social clubs, self updates system, ads ondemand, business awards, job portal, monetization, e-commerce, etc are our userfriendly features that come to you with ondemands.