Content writing is an art that needs to be respected for its standards instead of being cooked up with borrowed, copied, shared or forwarded posts assuming readability.

We presume that there exists none who totally ignores his own business and does not think of it at least once daily, rather he becomes eloquent on his business. The content, therefore, should express your ardent desire and cherished ambition to inform and influence your customer with your generic ideas of your business. It has to be in your language, the language of the customer for wider reach and impact to understand and support you.

Reading enhances assimilation and accelerates retention.

Local language for the local customer is compatible with OND with a tool for translation.

Genuine material will attract genuine customers but borrowed content will put you under shades of doubt

Beware, plagiarization and punning will compromise on SEO rejecting the fake content supporting the original. SEO will always remain beyond your reach.

Create a link in your content to the detailed page for more details to reach a wider range of prospects. For e.g. suppose you have taken a privileged site. Create a link for the differentiating words or phrases from your home page to your blog or products available. For deals, on-demand is a repertoire of all deals providing the opportunity for a glimpse of Deals ondemand.

Link building is thus an important element of SEO, navigating the prospect through various keywords to different pages augmenting the onsite time of a particular hit. The time one spends on site depends on the quality of site which is an important criterion for content rating.  The better is the site quality the more is the time spent on site.

A site should not contain sweet nothings but what is relevant and significant.
Whether it be images, articles or link. A site should hold only what is required and creative to avoid misleading from genuine prospects.