Marketing, necessary for business growth, is the process of disseminating information on product features to the prospects in the chosen areas.
The prospects should be made aware of the presence and availability of your organisation or your brand in the market, known as branding.

Marketing and branding despite their seeming similarities serve two different purposes. OND gives you the added advantage of sales too with their sharing tools.

Let's look at how do they work for you?

For retailers.

Retailers are local businessmen who should be supported to accelerate your business growth in your target area subscribing to you using ONDconnect. When your local subscription increases there will be a proportionate increase in local sharing through social media within teased penetration of your product in the area. You can engage the point club for the same. The click backs through point club are assumed to be your potential customers. You may call this Regional Marketing Programme.

OND will support you with tools and strategies to ensure customer retention.


Every category of shops and business listed with OND is connected to you facilitating your communication with them. These gateways are the right means of establishing business contact with them. The agent ID given by OND can also be made use of by the wholesalers for a faster reach of the shared products to the retailers.


Branding is the process of establishing an identity between the product and your organisation with regard to your organisation and the location of your organisation. 

The primary step for the same is to optimise the search engine in the preface, the website in OND.
Such optimization will establish your identity. For, only when the public are frequently hit with the message of your product etc will they be attracted to your product or service. You need therefore to ensure timely optimization process using preface, social media, SMS, mail or other similar posts or QR code to reach the public.

Social media marketing:

OND provides a number of tools for social media sharing. Blog is one of the most useful tools for the same. Every time you share a blog on your product the reach is expedited with greater market reach mentally compelling people to by the product. All the links given by OND can be shared like this.