Though easy to join OND availability of all business options is subject to certain regulations. OND business functions are pretty elaborate. Hence they are made available only to serious customers as per their requirement.



Basically ond is a self manageable business engine and a platform to develop your business depending on your drive.
The preface in ond is a digital
Identity tantamount to a website which you can optimise(SEO) yourselves to establish yourself.

A preface can be easily acquired. But a deal can be opened only if your KYC is approved by a partner manager. Hence the address proof of your establishment, aadhar card or license are mandatory for the same.

You will get six space for your deal in a year. But the content area must be complete including design for this to be enabled. Validation of the above is a condition for the deal option to be open.

It's not the deal space that is payable but  the support for the business traffic through the deal space. It's therefore to be understood that any kind of community policy violation in your deal will entail deal cancellation. In such cases you may contact the support centre.

Your preface stands to automatic cancellation after one year unless renewed. Please note, there might be minor price changes .

Ondemands as a platform for business provides facilities like whole sale, retail, service quote, meeting , reservation, e-commerce, e-exhibition, etc. Hence a business man with a vision can easily develop his business in a reasonable span of time.

OND Digital fellowship

OND digital fellowship focussing on promoting local business will periodically introduce various strategies, events and plans as appropriate to fellowship for each home town. Hence anyone who is part of this Fellowship can easily develop his business in his home town.

The digital fellowship strategy is more effective than digital marketing for local business. It helps to enhance the rate of conversion, retention etc and make online business more viral compared to offline business.  

Digital fellowship method is different from traditional methods of business.

 Traditional methods are
1. The destination customers
2. Floating customers
3. The product specific  customers
4. Price insensitive customers
5. Familiar customers
6. Temporary customers
7. Festival business
8. Trending business
9. Direct customers
10. Brand sensitive customers , besides many more.


Oridinarily business takes place in one of the above ten ways. The primary instinct is to approach the familiar shop provided price is comparable and budget permits. But, today majority enjoys buying online after comparison ng the price and quality and review  of the product ie; 80% of traditional methods have gone irrelevant.

OND digital fellowship ploughs back the traditional methods in digital ways more effectively.

Every seller is a buyer as well. Therefore it is necessary to primarily establish the business between the businessmen locally rippling it to surrounding areas further waving it around until the area is inundated with prospects of the various products creating business stability.

Creation of pro- merchantile consumer needs to be encouraged using gallery, product details, price, products specs etc. One transaction will lead to further transaction that galvanizes the customer to the shop. Point club, greetings etc sustain the customer engagement, while recoment is helps mutual business relations. Home delivery will your customer permanent. Festival offer will increase the Volume of purchases. Quality product and good behaviour will enhance review making you a brand.

The tools in fellowship help your business grow and brand your business in the shortest time possible. 

OND Digital Fellowship is introduced for local business. Strategies like e-zone, branding, adds, agent I'd, point club càn be used through preface for multi regional business.

OND digital fellowship method is equipped

with various strategic tools to digitally develop your business that make your growth path easy using your chosen strategy.

OND Digital Fellowship is a business community

Know that you can grow your business locally using local networking. A fellowship will have many business units and many competitors that facilitate enhanced satisfaction of customers with regard to price, quality, availability and choices. This is an ideal condition for business growth, the survival val of the fittest or the efficient.

This phenomenon is highly desired for this is a situation of perfect competition where consumer is the king. He decides what to buy, how much to buy, whom to buy from etc. Customer behaviour is a determinate of conditions prevailing. Distinguishing factors make customer attracted to a particular customer.

This is a psychological environment  which OND translates  into practical realm through digital fellowship.

All the business units are arrayed on a common platform where the offers, deals and galleries of each are made visible with a facility order online from the same platform. Purchase and reward points are  generated on each transaction and they can be claimed and redeemed in the subsequent purchases from any business unit.

A regular membership further enhances the claimability of points or rewards with ensured credibility of product as a known vendor.

Digital Fellowship provides this facility to both the businessman and the customer at the same time.