File name management is as important as keyword management. The search engine is prompted to display primarily on the basis of the format of the updated file name despite the availability of various filtering tools like programming/robots etc including artificial intelligence. 

One needs to pay greater attention to the uploaded image/video formats. These formats are differentiated and described like for e.g. jpg, png, MOV, mp4, MPEG etc. The search engine initially checks these formats to pick suitable results for the user. Then the search continues using the file name to pick the suitable ones. In case the given keyword appears more relevant, the search is made using the keyword.

There is an umpteen number of criteria to complete these processes. However, search using file name enjoys the primary choice. Artificial intelligence engages image scan for advanced searches. However, the role of the file name is still important.

Therefore creating an appropriate headline with proportionate posts and ideal file name can to a certain extent make it SEO friendly.

OND has created a dashboard for you to view the uploaded file name. But ensure that there is a clear file name before uploading that will augment the optimization of your site.